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Coffee with Comrades

Aug 18, 2018

Coffee with Comrades is coming to you a little early this week. We're pleased to present our first podcast collaboration: an analysis of the film "V for Vendetta" with our pals in the Left Media Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss the motion picture's political themes, its lackluster portrayal of its female and LGBTQ+ characters, the problematic antics of its titular "hero," the process of radicalization, and so much more.

This episode's a bit of a long one, so you'll have to forgive us—Mike and Mitch are just too much fun to talk to! If you like this episode, we highly recommend you check out the Left Media Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts!

So sit back, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy our discussion of "V for Vendetta."

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Intro/Outro music: "Memphis Was A Revolutionary" by Mike Hewlett and the Racket