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Coffee with Comrades

Jul 24, 2018

On the latest episode of Coffee with Comrades, we spend the hour discussing contemporary politics in the UK with Bree’s partner, Ben Stone, a British citizen living in the United States.

But first, in lieu of a current events segment this week, Pearson drove south and sat down for an interview with two of the occupiers at a Tampa Bay ICE facility who are putting their bodies on the line to abolish ICE.

If you’d like to support the Occupy ICE Encampment in Tampa, you can do so here:

Here’s the list of Occupy ICE TPA’s demands.

Follow @OccupyICETPA, @TampaDSA, @SWOPTampa, and @SWSolidarity on Twitter.

Comrades on the ground are asking for vegan pizza. If you wanna give some comrades a tasty meal, call Gourmet Pizza at (813) 258-1999 or visit their website and request they take food to the occupation at 5524 W Cypress St. Tampa, FL 33607.

After that, we dive into politics in the United Kingdom. Bree, Ben, and Pearson tackle the distinctions between politicians in the UK and US, “civility,” the rise of Corbyn and the Labour party, Prime Ministers, the “House of Lords,” Brexit, and the National Front. Finally, we close by taking the tenor of the current political moment by exploring the enduring resonance of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Masque of Anarchy.”

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