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Coffee with Comrades

Jul 7, 2018

Episode 2: "Arm The Proletariat, Not The Police" - Violence, Control, & Liberation


On this episode of Coffee with Comrades, Bree and Pearson explore the history of gun control in the United States, tracing the legacy of the Black Panthers' armed resistance in order to better understand the racist enforcement of gun control legislation. After diving into the causes of mass violence in the U.S. today, Bree and Pearson then briefly discuss the barrier police pose to our safety and security. The conversation culminates in a dialogue about what gun culture might look like on the left, ultimately concluding in an argument for community liberation and self-defense.

Twitter: @coffeewcomrades


Intro: "I Ain't Got No Home in this World" by Woody Guthrie
Outro: "Take the Power Back" by Rage Against the Machine