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Coffee with Comrades

Sep 25, 2018

**This episode of Coffee with Comrades is dedicated to Sydney Eastman. Rest in Power. May we fight to build a better world in your memory.**

On this week’s edition of Coffee with Comrades, Pearson sits down for a conversation with Michael Laufer, one of the founding members of the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective, to talk about anarchy, big pharma, DIY medicine, personal autonomy, and information liberation. But first, Bree and Pearson discuss the news:

Four Thieves Vinegar Collective is an anarchic, decentralized cadre of hackers, scientists, and engineers dedicated to putting healthcare back in the hands of human beings. 4TVC seeks to empower individual autonomy by equipping anyone and everyone with the tools needed to brew their own medicine. From epipencils to apothecary labs, 4TVC has it all! Healthcare is a human right, but 4TVC recognizes we can’t wait on neoliberal politicians to pass medicare-for-all. Instead, 4TVC liberates information and gives that knowledge directly to people, championing personal autonomy in an age of isolation and alienation.

Follow Michael Laufer on Twitter.

Check out Four Thieves Vinegar Collective’s website and get involved!

Intro: “I Ain’t Got No Home in this World” by Woody Guthrie

Interlude: “Toast to the Dead” by Immortal Technique

Outro: “Outbreak” by Stray From the Path