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Coffee with Comrades

Jun 30, 2020

We are back on our bullshit today with yet another edition of Coffee with Comrades. This week, we’re sharing another collaboration with Capital City Mutual Aid and the Center for Participant Education. I facilitated a class on operational security and it was…well, it was a bit of a mess if I’m being perfectly honest. But, hey, it was fun, nonetheless, and I sincerely hope you get something out of it.

Fair warning: most of this episode is just me talking at you and I throw a lot of information out there. If that’s your jam, sick. I hope you enjoy it. If not, I am not at all offended if you skip this episode or just check out the resources we’ve linked to in the show-notes.

Either way, I hope we all do our part to keep ourselves and our comrades safe and secure in the streets and on the internet. 



- Intro: "I Ain't Got No Home in this World" by Woody Guthrie 

- Interlude: "Eavesdropper (ft. Rou Reynolds)" by Stray from the Path

- Outro: "Whistleblower" by Veil of Maya