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Coffee with Comrades

Jun 1, 2021

We are back, once again, with your weekly dosage of Coffee with Comrades. Joining me this week, once again, for the second half of our special two-part collaboration are Jesse and Matt, co-hosts of the excellent podcast, The Future is a Mixtape. Today, we examine the praxis of anti-anti-utopia, digging into the theory’s implications for literature, media, and culture, but also (and, arguably, much more importantly) discussing how anti-anti-utopian fiction galvanizes action and transformation. I had an absolute blast chatting with Jesse and Matt, they are positively delightful. If you haven’t already, definitely be sure to check out Ep. 133 of Coffee with Comrades, “Imagining an Alternative: The Theory of Anti-Anti-Utopia,” before you listen to this episode. Otherwise, ya might be a bit lost.