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Coffee with Comrades

Apr 20, 2021

Episode 128 of Coffee with Comrades features a conversation with independent journalist Abby Lee Hood. We discuss the storied history of the term “redneck," critiquing liberal elitism and self-righteousness, exploring the labor history of rednecks, and analyzing how these consequential struggles for working class people were coopted by the ruling class and sold back to us in the form of pop country stars and reactionary nationalism.

As is often the case in conversations like these, our dialogue bounced around a lot. One of the things we touched on briefly was the Derek Chauvin trial. We recorded this interview before the police killing of Daunte Wright. Obviously, the terrain has shifted a bit since Abby Lee and I’s conversation as folks in Minneapolis have been engaged in the struggle for justice against Brooklyn Center PD. All power and solidarity to the folks bravely standing up to the cops in Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis, Chicago, and all across this country as we continue to fight for abolition and justice.