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Coffee with Comrades

Jun 3, 2020

Due to these wild times we’re living in, some comrades and I in Capital City Mutual Aid wanted to put together a skill-share and teach-in on street action protests. In this episode, you’ll hear me talk way too much, but hopefully it’ll provide you with useful ideas/tips, and strategies. This was a digital meeting and I have done barely zero editing, so please forgive any weird sounds in the background. I just felt it was important to get this information out to folks as quickly as possible so that it could be disseminated and shared with folks on the ground who’re doing the work.

You can also find a PowerPoint to in the show-notes if you want to follow along at home.


  • Intro: "I Ain't Got No Home in this World" by Woody Guthrie
  • Outro: "Their Rules" by Backtrack